Thursday, May 23, 2013


i totally slayed three weeks of exams and i'm back! 
remember i told you that i'd be doing a review? well here it is!
those who follow me on instagram (@viwernnn) may have already known though. 
here is the full post!

okay there was supposed to be a video of me showing my full review on Fynale Contact Len's Puffy 3Tone Grey but i don't know why but i can't seem to upload it! every time i upload it a message pops out saying: "sorry but w are unable to upload your video blahblahbla...." i am sick of it and i'll try to upload it again in another post.
for now, here is how i find Puffy 3 Tone in Grey from Fynale Contact Lenses:

so last monday i received these super cool contacts in the mail. i heard about Fynale as i was scrolling through instagram one day and saw that they were looking for malaysian bloggers to do a review on their new range of classic contacts so i thought HEY WHY NOTTTTTT. i picked out these puffy 3tone grey contacts to do my review on.

love their packaging, and look! 
they even supply you with a free lens case!
as you can see,
it's 100% imported from korea, 100% authentic,
and the number 1 trusted brand in asia for circle lenses.

this picture is not filtered
so this is how the contacts really
look like under normal lighting

the following pictures are all just lightly filtered unlike my usual blog photo filters.

top, no flash
bottom, with flash

they look sorta blue in pictures
but they are actually grey.
p.s, i know i look super pale
and creepy with flash on hahahaha

**sunnayyyy haha here comes le asian eyes**

these pictures were taken last thursday after i came home from lunch. i wore them for about 4 hours and experienced no irritations but they are sort of dry. but it feels normal to me like any other circle lenses. 
i don't wear colored lenses as you can see. this is like my second time. the first time i wore circle lenses i got them as a birthday gift from a friend 3 years ago hahaha. 
i remembered the ones i wore back then had thick black rims at the outer sides and they made me look super kawaii.
but for these puffy 3tone ones, they look quite natural.
mainly because they do not have that thick black ring at the rims and maybe because they have 3 tones in them: outer rim is just a tiny black line, middle is the grey and inside is this brown/orangey tone. when i put them on they look super gorgeous!
absolutely loveeee them.
it's only 14.5mm wide unlike other circle lenses which are 15 or 16mm wide. despite the width, they still give an effect of enlargemnt op to 16-18mm wider! 
^bonus for us asians^
so yea, fynale contact lenses are 100% authentic and 100% from korea. they fit comfortably into each eye and feel just like normal circle lenses. as asians, especially chinese asians, we all want bigger eyes hahaha. circle lenses are a great way to instantly get bigger-looking eyes. and you can get the best and affordable circle lenses from Fynale Contact Lenses! they come in a huge variety that are bound to suit your taste and plus, they are a trusted brand in asia so no worries!

Check out Fynale Lenses in the following links now!

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