Monday, April 8, 2013

Double Trouble

on me.
top. H&M
denim shirt. Platinum, Bangkok
shorts. Platinum, Bangkok
bag. thrifted
shoes. thrifted
necklace. Diva
red leather bracelet. thrifted
spike and red skull bracelet. Platinum, Bangkok

on Richeen.
top. Topshop
leggings. promod
camo jacket. from Juinn
necklace. Lovisa
bag. thrifted
shoes. H&M

last saturday i finally get to see my cousin, Richeen (whom you all may know from her blog! and it's Ching Ming this month. Which is an occasion where Chinese would go back to the cemeteries to visit their diseased loved ones. after ching ming, we went to two different malls then lastly Setia Walk. i bet most of you have heard of Setia Walk- located in Puchong, famous for it's nightlife and TGV Cinemas. i was just super duper happy that i finnaaalllyyyyy get to see my dear cousin after more than a month!
and as you can see we took tons of photos (how could we not?! haha) with my camera cus she left hers at home. i was kinda glad with the outcome of the pictures for the first time. it is not 
THATTTT crappy, but it still ain't up to my satisfaction. 
i realized i've been wearing the same clothes a lot lol. my outfit here is honestly a combination of post #55, #54 and #52. but hey, im not a super mega ultra rich betch who gets to update her closet every season! i try to mix and match as much as i can and sometimes even diy. 
so yea, i had a hell of a good time with her on saturday and i hopeeeee we could meet up more often!


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