Sunday, March 17, 2013

Unicorns and Mischief

top. forever 21
shorts. Platinum, Bangkok
shoes. Sunway Pyramid
necklace. Diva
ring. Diva
clutch. Pavilion
tattoo stockings. thrifted

hola chicas! i know i know. it's been a gazillion days since i last posted. to be more exact, it's been exactly one month since my last post! been uber busy school, exams, shitty stuff ya know... life? but i'm back! i must keep in mind to update more often. holidays are coming up soon so yea, i shall update more often. 

so went to mid valley yesterday and i was planning to walk alone while my mom was off with her friends when i bumped into Alissa and Natasha! THEY SAVED MAH ASS. hanged out with them the whole time (Y) camwhored! well, camwhored with natasha but not alissa cus alissa's camera shy. and i bumped into my long lost girlfriend, Nicki, too. her ombre is ASDFGHJKL gorgeous. if i weren't in a government school i'd totally do it. and yea, me, alissa and natasha got these uber cool friendship bracelets that says "live, love, laugh" on the pendant.

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