Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lying to Herself

outfit with another red, black and gold color theme!

went to genting yesterday. oh how i hate that place. it's boring as ever nothing's change cept for the festive cny decos. saw Chernyse Chng though! wore the dress ive been dying to wear for ages. btw, when i bought it, i had no idea it was that short! but whatever i still love it.

i need to get more grunge pieces. im starting to really get in to the whole grunge thing. it's everywhere holy hell. and like i said, i love any sort of fashion. but i specifically like grunge. it's like a mix of hipster and indie but more on the rock n roll side. i like it really really much cus duh, it's anything but girly, it's unique and it has the punk rock edge to it. 

so..... thanks for reading! i need money to shop. URGH


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