Saturday, February 16, 2013

You & Me to the Galaxies

top. Platinum, Bangkok
leggings. Platinum, Bangkok
shoes. Singapore
bag. Platinum, Bangkok
bracelets. Diva

i took my pictures at two different places and can't decide which theme to put so i just smack both on! 

about the leggings, yea, galaxies are soooo 2011, i know. but i bought these a real long time ago but i wanted to wait till cny to wear em! well, i'm not exactly the must up-to-trend blogger but hey, you can't possibly follow every trend up to the minute!

if i remember correctly, this outfit was from the third day of CNY which was tuesday! yes, it's a real long time ago. and im sorry i am no good at keeping promises - i promised to post this post yesterday buttttt i went out the whole day with my friends and came back tired as hell. well, here it is! late, but still!

editing the pictures i took today! shall post em soon. stay tuned stay gorgeous xxx

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