Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Red, Black, Gold I

top. H&M
pants. ZARA
shoes. thrifted
necklace. Diva
ring. Diva
bracelet. Platinum, Bangkok
watch. Baby-G

sorry for such a late late late late post! i know it's like the 2nd day of CNY already and i haven't even posted up my look on CNY eve! i'll try to post two posts tonight ;) 

i really love this look. i especially like the color combination- all three of my fave colors: red, black, gold! fyi, i got the pants from this warehouse sale. i found it hanging at a partially empty corner and thought HOLY HELL THIS IS PERFECT. the pants will definitely be categorized in my *FAVORITE* section.

i shall work harder and update more often for you guys!


Richeen Siew said...

ehmahgerd that pants <3

Viwernnn said...

got it from that warehouse sale :DDD it was from zara's other brand called zara trafaluc

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