Monday, December 24, 2012

*FEATURE* Truly Original, KarenCyan

introducing KarenCyan who's real name is Karen Lee. She's a young aspiring fashion design student. i came across her when i was scrolling through fashionclick on What surprised me was that she's MALAYSIAN! i was surprised cus she is very different from the malaysian bloggers i usually see. she definitely has her own unique style. all her looks are - no doubt - original. i describe her style as -grunge rock, edgy, street, vintage and funfunfun! 

these are some of my favorite looks from her

did i mention that she is a TALENTED fashion design student?
check out some of her unique DIYs and handmade pieces!

handmade blazer and diy sunnies

handmade tassel dress
**this is one of my favorites**

handmade double zipper floral skirt

handmade floral blazer
**another one of my faves from her**
gawd i want one

diy gold door plate necklace 
diy aztec printed bleached shorts

 she is truly an inspiration for me and i obviouslyyyyy love her style. karen is always one step ahead in fashion. her style is unique and definitely LEGIT!
check out her latest post now!
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this post and all pictures have been done and taken with the owner's permission.
i do not own any of the pictures.
fyi, follow her on instagram too!


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