Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh The Gold

Woohoooooooo went out for dinner today at Nihon Kai. So yeap, today's OOTN (outfit of the night). And no, i didnt get a new camera. I'm still using my sister's Nikon D3100.

top: Forever 21
skirt. Kitschen
spiked headband: Bangkok
necklace: Diva
rings: Diva, H&M, Sunway shops

owh and... I kinda ombre-ed my hair with hair dye. i ddin't wanna use bleach cus im terrified of it. that shit damages ur hair dude. like wayyy heavy loaded damage.
and yeap. i play le piano :D went to nihon kai to celebrate mom's birthdayyyy.

honestly, i didnt think the skirt went
that well with the top. cus the skirt's more
casual hippie and fun while the top's
much more sophisticated and stuff.
but i ddin't wanted to wear my more classy
but plain colored skirts cus i thought
my outfit would be too plain.
hmm... maybe i'll get studded ox blood flare skirts.
the top,
i love it. i love the gold collar edge and cuff.
and i like the material it's opaque and light and cooling.

i also need a closet expansion

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