Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Animals are wayyyy out. I know. I'm sorry but I still find it cute! Sorry for not blogging for such. a. long time. Had trials and the laptop wasn't with me for what? Two whole weeks?! So yea.

Here are the pictures! (like about, last last week?)

yeap. I was at Sunway ;)

i bought these that day.
and i couldnt finish them so i put them in my fridge.
and when i woke up,
i found that my sister ate all of them:
3 pigs, 2 sheeps and 2 cows. 

i TOO know that mustaches are SOOOOOO last season.
but, i never got a chance to wear it
and i received it very very late.
like wayyyy after this trend was blown out.

top. Guang Zhou
skirt. Kitschen
belt. Charles n Keith
bag. Singapore
watch. usual baby g
accessories. diva
shoes. Guang Zhoy

7 billion people in the world.
dont let a few bitches bring you down.
(though sometimes i just cant stand them)
wait till i transfer, new life ahead of me (Y)

all the best for PMR gorgeous people


Risny said...


Viwernnn said...

Ri ri, what up with M&S?

Yasmin said...

cute outfit!

Viwernnn said...

thanks and cute blog! followed ;) mind following back?

Anja Aya said...

Hey darling,

I just found your cute blog. Really great pics, looks like you had great time! :)

I'm your newest follower on GFC and Bloglovin!

I hope you will check out my blog and follow back (with GFC - Google) .

xoxo LLD

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