Friday, July 13, 2012

Hari Pameran (Open Day)

tuesday was my school's open dayyy! hari pameran to us malaysians (: (pronounced as ha-ree pa-meh-ran)

so.. i was at the music club for almost the whole day with all of my old besties<3
been with all 24/7 that day! yuin qing, eunice, lei yun, annabelle (xun ling) and yee xuan. and don't forget the guys! zhen xian and gavin ;D 

the dude in the red shrit is dickson aka dicky :D
and the blur dude with the glasses is zhen xian!
we all borrowed his gutiar ;)
i was too lazy to bring mine. i only brought my capo

was practicing with eunice and yuin qing.
i'm gonna sing Wish You Were Here by avril with them.
it's gonna be our second time performing that song!

look who's at the keyboards!
see the girl in the white shirt?
she's very very very talented
she can play ANYTHING just by listening and watching.
tian cai.

dicky left not long later
then it was just me zhen xian gavin and uhm. the other dude.
im sorry to have forgotten his name again!

xun ling played twinkle twinkle little star on the violin (Y)

we went out to practice cus the multimedia aka'
music room was too noisy!
too many combinations of different instruments!
zhen xian will be playing Secrets for them.

they did harmonisings and stuff
and owh wow they sounded beautiful

owh and thi is tyng hann
he did a little performance too ;)

we love jayesslee<3

 stupid blogger. i cant expand the size of this pic D:

from the left:
yee xuan, shu xuan, eunice and yuin qing

and this is Vivien. she's wayyyy talented
and she has the same birthday as me :D
owh and her whole family's musically talented.

did i mention she knows the violin, the harmonica, the piano
and tons others?

so this is their performance with zhen xian as their gutiarist!
sadly, i forgot to tell my friends to
take pictures or a video of me performing with yq and eunice.

that's xin hui>>>>>>

we're lining up for the haunted house.
that's lei yun! crazy as usual ;D

we stood there for less than 5 minutes and we're already on the stairs while other people stood there for about an hour and never moved an inch!
why??? you should know :P

later on we found a "shortcut"
hahahhaa. and got there even faster!
it wsn't scary, it was more FUNNY
cus we knew the "ghosts" so......
they didnt do much frightening!

our school's cheer team: Warriorz
were practicing and they asked did any of us wanna have a go
to be a flyer but since we're all....
big. in size.
so xun ling, the tinniest of us all, 
went up!

look at her stuck up show-offy face! :P

hahahahaha and i ate oreos when i got home.
and i did THIS to the last 5 pieces :DDDDDD


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