Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vintage is Love

more awesome stuff from CHINA within this post! i thought my look that day gave off that.... vintage-ish 80s/90s style ;) i kinda like it buuuuuttt i need a new denim jacket. i noticed my current one looked more like a denim BLAZER than a jacket.

here le picsss!

oh look.
im fat at the arms too!

hair band. night market (pasar malam :D)
shades. bershka
denim jacket. vintage
black tank. mango
belt. primark
baroque shorts. CHINA ;D
shoes. CHINA ;D
tote. singapore
watch. baby g

it's a weekday and there's still school tomorrow.
did i tell you guys that i HATE my shcool?
think your shcool's tough?
try coming to malaysia's government shcools
and see which is tougher!
not to mention which SUCKS more!

xoxo, peace out bbies

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