Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brown all over

guess where i went AGAIN?
yeap, genting.
and as usual im absolutely bored. thank god for technology (Y) iPad and phones all the way. not to mention FOOD FOOD FOOD :DDDD

was wearing absolutely earthy tones that day. wonder why?
maybe it's cus of the gloomy weather we're having recently.
i know it's summer and all but the past few weeks the weather's been unstable. like, sunny once, rainy others, dry as hell to wet like sea. 

and maybe it's cus im gloomy too.
recently feeling more.. out of place.. than usual. maybe its cus of my recent pathetic argument with my besties. well it's over now. *cue florence and the mahcine: THE DOG DAYS ARE OVE-ER!* 
and sometimes , just like every other teenager, i feel lonely. woopdeedoo....

AND ... i havent been online much cus im addicted to these game on my iPad called Stardom. maybe my obsession of being famous has been brought out by this game. I KNOW IT'S JUST A GAME. but gahhh it's so addicting.

i thought the lace necklace
would add more of a feminine touch
to my outfit since the polka dots 
are.... you know.. cute.
did i mention i aint a fan
of cutesy stuff? 
i didnt buy the skirt, my sister did
and since i dont have any other long skirt
i might as well slap this on!

went to our faveee chinese restaurant to have
lunch... Ming Kee :D

top. H&M
lace necklace. DIVA
belt. charles and keith
skirt. The Curve Flea Market
tote. singapore
beaded sandals. Vincci
bracelets. DIVA
hat. Cotton on

and i had theseeeee to stuff me up!
and on monday i brought my jelly beans to shcool
my friends ate them all up!
but the rum chocolate's ALL MINE!

yea it's raining.
ignore the quote.
i wanted to write somehting meaningful on this picture
then i came up with this (Y) woohoooooo
yea, it relates to me. but...
i'd rather mention that on tumblr
than explaining here on blogger.
main purpose of this blog:
my ACTIVE side of life.
and ofcourseeeeee. fashion

dinner was at Nihonkai.
saw my other friend, Shenni there!
weird twist:
my parents know shenni's parents
me and shenni have NO IDEA
that our parents know each toher
and our parents were like talking
as if theyve known each toher for like 10 years
well heck yea they DO know each other for at least
10 years. but me and shenni had no idea
so we were twisted by the fact that
woah. our parents know each other but we had no idea
and our parents were surprised
that me and shenni know each other too. 

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