Saturday, April 14, 2012

My tears will dry on their own

HAPPY SATURDAY PEOPLE! my piano was at 10.30am today and i woke up like 10.15 and i usually do my piano homework the last minute so when i woke up, i brushed my teeth AND did my piano homework. and guess what? procrastination is never the answer. 90% of my exercises were W R O N G. hallelujah. note to self, wake up at 9am on saturdays.

i know i usually don't wear makeup 
but suddenly felt the urge to do it
cus it was such a beautiful day today!
i mean, it's warm. just warm.
not too hot nor too cold!

top: Cotton On
skirt: local store (it actually has studs but you
can't see it in the picture. and guess what?
it only costed my RM7.50!)
bag: Singapore
Belt: Charles and Keith
Necklace: local store

dream catcher from Melaka (:


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